ITA---RUS Russian Tunnelling Association

Russian Tunnelling Association (RTA) is:
The Russian Public Organization of tunnel builders, operating in territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Tunnel Association unites more than 80 organizations on the design, construction and operation of underground structures of the 28 Russian cities and towns of Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, with the participation of leading companies in France, Germany and Canada. Over 400 professionals are individual members of the Tunnel Association of Russia. This is a great engineering capability, able to work actively to accelerate scientific and technological progress for the construction of tunnels and underground facilities in Russia.

RTA – Association of enterprises and technical workers, creating tunnel boring machines and technologies, designs and materials for underground construction.

RTA – a community of faculty in higher and secondary special educational institutions in the metro area, and tunneling and underground space development.

RTA – a cooperation with foreign national tunnel associations and firms through membership in the  International Tunnelling Association (ITA).

The board of Tunnel association of Russia invites to active cooperation of the organisation and the experts projecting, building both maintaining tunnels and underground objects. Together we can solve all problems of underground building.